Story: Nicola Holding

Nicola Holding shares her story of going through cancer and the encouragement and help she received from a couple of Bible verses.

In April of 2011 I went to my GP as I found a lump in my neck.

I was then refereed to the hospital and after having a biopsy I found out that the lump was Hodgkin lymphoma. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and explained what my treatment was very clearly even though they knew that I was scared and frightened. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and following this treatment have been in remission since November 2011.

Since being in remission I have done two positive things; one is the race for the life and the other is that i have agreed to have an extra blood done to find out why people like me get Hodgkin lymphoma as my hospital consultant could not tell me why and how I got this type of cancer.

I still find that I feel very tired and will continue to be monitored by the hospital for the next two years. I knew that God was with me through prayer and had a sense of peace too.

These bible verses help me Psalm 121 and Psalm 139.