Video Stories: Rach

Rach Pavey tells her story of surviving cancer and how she later fell pregnant against the odds:

Video Stories: Rach Pavey from Kings Church on Vimeo.


You can also see an extended interview with Rach below. She shares in detail about surviving Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, including her treatment with chemotherapy, relapses, further treatment and ultimately a bone marrow transplant.

Rach Pavey — Extended Interview from Kings Church on Vimeo.

In this interview she answers the following questions:

00:00 What type of cancer did you have?
00:24 What treatment did you receive?
01:03 Were you ever close to not surviving?
01:55 Can you tell us about your survival stats?
02:10 Can you give us your thoughts on your struggles with God?
02:57 Answers to prayer
05:04 What was your darkest moment?
06:00 Tell us about getting the ‘all clear’
06:46 Did your relationship with God change after that point?
07:56 What did you learn from the experience?
08:55 Falling pregnant against the odds
11:02 What were Jo’s struggles during that time?
12:22 How did your Christian faith help you through?
13:13 How did being a part of a church community help?
13:48 What would you say to someone who had just been diagnosed with cancer?
14:37 The language of ‘battling’ cancer